“Her fine interpretation and fluency in the total handling of the works through melodies like tangos and waltzes showed Latin America’s own styles, which left a deep impression”

Nanjing Xinhya Daily

“The well known pianist Polly Ferman played, in a captivating afternoon, works of Latin American composers”

La Nación, Buenos Aires

“Ferman is an experienced professional with a good technique, and she left us with no doubts as to her feelings”

The New York Times

“It has become Ferman’s mission, in the concert hall and in recordings, to acquaint the public with the unfairly neglected music of the Americas. She is an artist with an endearing attitude toward the compositions which she interprets. One is given the strong impression that they are her own creations which she longs to expose to the light of the concert hall. Expose them she does, with a touching humility, fluidity of technique and richness of sound”

The Japan Times

1) “Polly Ferman as soloist performed an excellent version of the Fantasy for Piano and orchestra ‘Momo Precoce’, by Brazilian Heitor Villa-Lobos. She conveyed with interpretative efficiency the richness of ideas, rythms and colours that permeates the whole score”

2) “Carlos Giraudo and an excelent performance with the National Symphony. Polly Ferman, Uruguayan interpreter of wide international acclaim, revealed a remarkable musical skill and a superb mastery of technique”

La Nación, Buenos Aires

“Listening to Mrs. Ferman is a pleasure. Hailed as the ‘Musical Ambassador of the Americas’, she shows a compelling, natural ease in doing Argentinian music. Her touch is light but penetrating. The tones her dexterous fingers produce are relaxed and fresh”

Phillipine Daily Inquirer

“Polly Ferman enjoys playing pieces with technical virtuosism. From her fast fingers we can hear silver transparent sounds. Looking at her, we do not only realize about her technique, her talent, but also about the art of seating down gracefully at the piano and keeping the posture of a queen.”

Konsomol Moscovita, Moscú

“The remarkable P. Ferman displayed by turns considerable power and exquisite sensibilities, while exhibiting an astonishingly wide range of tonal hues. What deeply resonant tones her touch yielded! Argentine music came vibrantly alive as Mrs. Ferman eminently succeeded in capturing and conveying the substance, spirit and essence or Argentine music. One no longer wondered why famous composers admired many of their Argentine peer”

The Phillipine Star

“Ferman’s pianism is very aristocratic, and she makes the listener believe that Chabrier’s habaneras is a real apotheosis of a dance form rating with Schubert, Chopin and Brahms”.Her rythms sway and insinuate and her touch is wonderful, perfectly suited to soft nuanced playing”… “Polly Ferman’s pianism is superb and of a kind no longer common”.

The American Record Guide

1) “The repertoire mainstays, Mendelssohn’s ‘Variations serieuses, Op. 54’. and Chopin’s ‘Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise, Op. 22’, gave the píanist ample opportunity to display her technical brilliance”

2) “Liquid phrasing juxtaposed against a decidedly percussive left-hand attack brought both delicacy and urgency to the Mendelssohn. Minimal pedaling and flexible tempo rubato in Chopin made for a poetically unself-conscius performance. The registering its applause before she could sound the final chords”

The Washington Post

“Soloist in this expansive fantasy for piano and orchestra was Polly Ferman, a native Uruguayan and, as a resident of this country the past few years, a tireless promoter of better cultural understanding among the nations of the Western Hemisphere. In Wednesday’s performance, she was impressive as a lyrical explorer of the piece’s more reflective moods. Her commitment to the work’s musical language -a tribute to the festive celebrations of Brazil, viewed at street level- was never in doubt”

The Indianapolis Star

“Polly Ferman at St. Martins-in the-Fields, her performance of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue, a really splendid account of ths ageless piece, brought a deserved ovation from the gratifyingly large audience”

Musical Opinion, London. “Concerts Review”


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