Sax & Tango

Binelli-Ferman Duo are pleased to announce the new CD SAX&TANGO with the prestigious Saxsophone Quartet Purpura Pansa. With collaborations such as the vibraphonist Víctor Mendoza and the percussionist Sebastián Laverde. Music by Horacio Salgan, Astor Piazzolla and Daniel Binelli himself. A great original formation with a new sound that will not leave you indifferent.

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“From a star when it flickers, it will signal me to go, for a light of eternity, when it calls me, I will go”. A story of love and nostalgia, perhaps a declaration of intentions, but above all the principle of that “Adiós Nonino”, which, when it sounds, makes the world stop. Joined Binelli-Ferman duo and Púrpura Pansa, born Sax&Tango, an atypical fusion of instruments, which flows as if they were known throughout their lives, a concert where the roots and respect of this wonderful genre are maintained, in which Tangos, Milongas and Ballads will bring us to live this passionate music in the most authentic and profound way.

Coincidence or not, four Valencian musicians, Púrpura Pansa, in love with a folklore thousands of kilometers away, which is both felt and interpreted as their own, and a path that intersects with Tango’s life story, Daniel Binelli. Talking about Daniel Binelli, is talking about one of the most prolific masters of the bandoneon ever existed, composer and arranger, battle partner of Astor Piazzolla, and that together with the wonderful Uruguayan pianist Polly Ferman, expert music performer of the America’s music, they take this genre to every corner of the world, with that passion that makes this music unique.

Daniel Binelli and Polly Ferman, musicians of international fame, have joined their talents to develop and to increase the appreciation of tango, milonga, candombe and other Latin American musical forms, in an unusual alliance of bandoneon and piano. His performances reflect the elegance and subtlety of traditional tango, the mischievousness of the milonga, the romance of the waltz and the temperament and power of contemporary tango. The ability of the Binelli and Ferman Duo to reach audiences with word and music, has made their performances, an amazing experience, for enthusiastic audiences throughout the world.

“With the teamwork of Binelli and Ferman, the nostalgia is remarkable, the lyrical passion and the pulsating dance rhythms that pace the works of Piazzolla are extraordinary.”

“The two musicians combined in captivating improvisational flights from which pure magic emanated of jazz”
The Washington Post



Púrpura Pansa is, one of the best-known marine snails, and the name of one of the most dynamic chamber music groups for the current moment. This saxophone quartet is incredibly dynamic in their concerts, which are characterized by a power music live, able to connect with all types of audiences instantly.

They work a very attractive and high-quality repertoire with which they achieve to surprise in all their shows. In their ten years of career they have toured in countries such as France, Holland or Lithuania and have performed live for RNE. They collaborate regularly with the management department of the Berklee School of Music. They have released two albums, UNUA and Saxofonía. In their facet as a teacher, they promote SAXEM, one of the most important saxophone festivals, of which they are organizers.

Púrpura Pansa are:
Javier Teruel, baritone saxo
Héctor Andrés, tenor saxo
Juanlu Gozálvez, alto saxo
Manuel Romero, soprano saxo


Bandoneonist / Music Director / Composer / Arranger

Binelli is internationally acclaimed as the foremost exponent and torchbearer of the music of Astor Piazzolla. In 1989 Daniel Binelli joined Astor Piazzolla’s New Tango Sextet, touring internationally. Orchestras with whom Mr. Binelli has appeared as guest soloist include, among others with the Symphony Orchestras of Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Virginia, Sidney, Montreal, Ottawa, Saint Petersburg and Tonhalle Orchestra in Zurich. Some of the conductors with whom Binelli has worked include: Charles Dutoit, Lalo Schirin, Giancarlo Guerrero, Franz Paul Decker, Robert Spano JoAnn Faletta, Giselle Ben Dor and Isaiah Jackson.

A seasoned composer in his own right. Binelli has created and arranged music for solo instruments, quintet, chamber and symphonic orchestras, dance and film music. His versatility allowed him to work from all Tango styles to the contemporary language.

“Binelli’s ability to wring melancholicsobbing and sighing out of this reedy instrument, combined with an exceptional sensitivity towards Piazzolla’s melodic inspirations, is both remarkable and evocate” THE AUSTRALIAN


Pianist / Music Director

A leading interpreter of the music of the Americas, pianist Polly Ferman captivates audiences with outstanding performances of works by Latin American composers. Recognized by The Japan Times as “Musical Ambassador of the Americas.” Ferman’s tours as a soloist have included performances with prestigious orchestras around the world, including the San Francisco, Sacramento, Indianapolis, Tokyo, Philippines, Jarkov and Argentine National Symphonies, among others, as well as recitals stages such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Tokyo’s Takemitsu Hall, London’s St. Martin in the Fields, Buenos Aires’ Teatro Colón, Beijing National Centre for the Performing Arts, Shanghai Oriental Art Centre and Bogota’s Teatro Mayor. Ferman created, directs and performs in GlamourTango, a unique all female international multimedia music and dance show. The ultimate homage to Women’s Empowerment.

“Polly Ferman enjoys playing pieces with technical virtuosism. From her fast ngers we can hear silver transparent sounds. Looking at her, we do not only realize her technique, her talent, but also about the art of seating down gracefully at the piano and keeping the posture of a queen”  KONSOMOL MOSCOVITA, MOSCOW


A fuego Lento –  H. Salgán. Arr. D. Binelli
Buenos Aires Hora 0 –  A. Piazzolla. Arr. D. Binelli
Fracanapa –  A. Piazzolla. Arr. D. Binelli
Los Mareados –  J. C. Cobián
Verano Porteño  – A. Piazzolla. Arr. D. Binelli
Oblivión – A. Piazzolla. Arr. J.C. Zunini
Balada Noctura – D. Binelli

París desde Aquí – D. Binelli
Metrópolis – D. Binelli
Preludio y Candombe  – D. Binelli
Adiós Nonino – A. Piazzolla. Arr. Javier Teruel

*The program may be changed.

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