Professional Pianists and

Advanced Piano Students

Master classes are based on the repertory of composers of the three Americas. Inspired by traditional rhythms, including composers as Alberto Ginastera and Astor Piazzolla from Argentina, Heitor VIllalobs and Ernesto Nazareth from Brazil, Luis Cluzeau Mortet from Uruguay, Scott Joplin and George Gershwin from the USA, among others.
An active educator, she has produced educational programs for several Conservatories of Music in: Valencia, Oberlin, Lebannon, Hong Kong, Beijing, Mexico City, New York and Tokyo’s Conservatory of music, among others.

Project Description

Ms Ferman will offer two 3-4 hour sessions at the Conservatory/ University/ Venue where she will listen and comment individually, assisting and participating pianists. Repertory could be provided by the pianist or by Polly Ferman if they student would prefer it so. Master classes will be opened to general audience.


To introduce pianists into the nuances, accentuations and interpretative language of the Latin American and Tango rarely played repertory.

Ferman was a U.S. State Department ARTS ENVOY in Lebanon, where she offered:

  • Workshop at Issam Fares Auditorium in Zouk Mosbeh
  • Polly Ferman Solo Recital at Selectum des Arts et des Sciences in Kaslik.
  • Master Class at Mozart Chahine School in Beirut