Custom Made Proven Strategy / Online-Private

In my long journey through life, as a professional musician, in the performing arts, and through my personal experiences,
I have acquired valuable “secrets” including tools and steps that have brought me personal and professional success.

My course has been LIFE itself. I learned through it, on several occasions, how to fall and how to get up reinvented, each time becoming more resilient.

Artists-or anyone- may quickly benefit from this valuable know-how. Learn how to balance your life, which will then result in your personal and professional future success.

Testimonial I

“Every encounter with Polly is a window of light that opens. An exciting journey through our deepest and most diverse selves. A rebirth of our “being an artist” in harmony with our “being genuine” in all its facets. Polly, with her enormous and refined intuition, listens to me, understands me and gives me concrete tools to improve my daily organization and better cope with this period of extreme adaptation for artists, humanity. Coach, guide, philosophical, spiritual Teacher, she is a source of ideas and inspiration. In just a few encounters I have learned wonderful things, developing empathy and positivism from a new place, which are in my life harmony. I am grateful to Polly for this opportunity to rediscover myself through a cycle of encounters that frame an original and constructive project, devised by a Major artist, and which I highly recommend”. AKR

Testimonial II

“The CATE Center in Montevideo, Uruguay, is dedicated to the academic, physical, and psychological development of special needs students ranging from ages 6 through late teens. Polly Ferman guided our students through a series of visualization exercises with immediate results. It helped the kids open up, share their feelings and emotions propelling them to experience a more elevated sensory plane, transcending their daily routines”. Silvina Chebi , Licensed in Psychology

Testimonial III

“…I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Polly’s guidance and support are extremely important to me. Visualization has helped me reflect, and establish inner peace….it’s reminded me of the power of mind over matter …it has helped me accept who I am….and it’s helped me understand that without love, one can’t truly heal… i am celebrating my 4 month with cancer cells in the normal range!! ” R.B